Friday, March 23, 2018

Jwalamukhi/ Volcano

तुम जानती हो,
ज्वालामुखी का मानक क्या है?
जैसे भूचाल का रिचटर 
और गर्मी का सेल्सियस 
ज्वालामुखी का?

केवल ज्वालामुखी जानता है 
कि उसके अंदर 
और क्या कुछ है 
और उस में से कितना 
कब निकलेगा 

ज्वालामुखी का दिल 
बहुत बड़ा है 
जब फटता है तब भी 
ज्वालामुखी रखता है 
ज़्यादा अंदर 
और फेंकता है 
थोड़ा सा बाहर

ज्वालामुखी का नाप 
नहीं हैं 
ये बहुत 
ज़रूरी बात है 

Do you know
the scale for a volcano?
Like the Richter
for an earthquake
or Celsius
for temperature?

Because only the volcano knows
how much it holds within
and how little
it will spew out.

The heart of the volcano
holds much
and lets out
a very little.

There is no scale
for the volcano.
is a very important thing.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Logic Puzzle: Ziluland Mysteris: II

The Xanders of Ziluland have a tribal leader who is 3/2 times as old as the leader of the Yangees, but only 2/3 times as old as the leader of the Zuhus.

The age of the leader of the Zuhus is the same as the area of the town square in meters. The leader of the Yangees is not yet 18. No One's age is a decimal point. They are all whole integers. Can you find their ages?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Short Children's poem in Hindi

आँख में अंजन , दांत में मंजन,
 नित कर, नित कर, नित कर

नाक में ऊँगली, कान में खुजली,
मत कर, मत कर, मत कर.

मेहनत करो हरदम 
और बातें करो कम.
आलस को दो छोड़ 
लम्बी तुम्हारी दौड़ 


पेट  नरम, पैर गरम, सर हो ठंडा 
फिर जो डॉक्टर आये 
तो मारो उसको डंडा 

These short poems were used often when we were children. Just recording them here - for a day when these wont be remembered that easily.

Sanskrit Saying on the impermanence of life

आयुष्यं जललोलबिन्दुचपलम्

Life is as temporary is a dot on the surface of water(a bubble)

Kabir expresses the same thought as under:

 पानी केरा बुदबुदा, अस मानुस की जात 
देखत ही छुप जाएगा, ज्यूँ तारा परभात

The human life is like a bubble on the surface of water
It will extinguish just as the star becomes invisible at the first sight of dawn.

Katranein: Mirza Sahiba

You knew, did you not, that I would come for you?

Have you?

Have I not?

I don't know. To get someone for keeps, and to really keep someone close - they're 2 different things, aren't they?

Fark/ Difference

और औरत 
यूँ होता है फर्क 
की लड़की की आँखें 
देखती हैं सपने 
और औरत की 
घर बार.

और आदमी 
यूँ होता है फर्क 
की लड़के 
ताड़ते हैं 
और आदमी 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Mathemagic Puzzle

Arun was being his usual boastful self – bragging on and on about everything that he could do. “Do you know what is 17 squared – 16 squared?”
Everyone looked at him.
“Ha ha! Knew you didn’t! 33!” he gloated.
“I bet you memorised that all night only to impress us in the morning!” Nirvaan said.
“Really? Ask me the difference between the squares of any 2 numbers next to each other, any 2, and I will tell you in less than a minute.”
Ishaan, Vedant, Neel and everyone else took turns testing him, but he always came out on top.
How was Arun doing this?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hindi riddle - Bin Hal ke Halwaha

बूझो बूझो बूझो
मगज लगा कर जूझो

बिन हल के हलवाहा
खेत जोतता , अहा!
कड़ी फोड़ कर मिटटी
ढीली करता गिट्टी

लगता अरे, सपोला!
लेकिन विष से पोला
भूरा कोमल फीता
मिटटी खा कर जीता

दिल रखे हैं आठ
ऐसे उस के ठाट
अंडे से हो पैदा
खुद है नर ो मादा

छू अंगुल तर हुआ,
कौन, कौन, _______________?

This is an excerpt from the book "Boojho boojho" published by Eklavya. Its a brilliant book on poetic riddles in Hindi.

Sanskrit Lokoti on inherent nature

अङ्गार शतधौतेन मलिनत्वं न मुञ्चति

Coal does not lose its dark side, no matter how much it is washed.

Meaning: A person cannot lose their inherent nature, no matter how much you try to reform them.